Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe. Things are sadly getting worse out there!

In case you missed our announcement in our last newsletter, we’re rebooting our Saturday classes! Starting this week, Saturday, July 11th, we are launching a digital, weekly live class for free on Zoom! Classes will run from 10:30-11:30 am.

The class is open to all ages of children, and all levels accepted! We do ask that parents or guardians supervise smaller children–and they’re welcome to join in the class!

There is absolutely no financial obligation to take this class! As always, Leap of Joy strives to make the arts and dance available to all children, regardless of their situation.

All you need to do to join the class is register; you can fill out the brief registration form here or click on the “Classes” tab on our website.

While the class is totally free, we do accept donations if you’re able to contribute! We are a non-profit and all of our donations to go funding events like these. Please consider contributing if you are able to do so! No donation is too small.

Click here to donate!

We look forward to seeing everyone in class!

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