Leap of Joy Caps and Mittens Fundraiser
Leap of Joy Caps and Mittens Fundraiser

Check back soon for a link to our Winter 2021 Showcase Performance!

Premiering on YouTube December 26th.

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Saturday Classes are BACK!

Saturday Classes are BACK!

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe. Things are sadly getting worse out there! In case you missed our announcement in our last newsletter, we're rebooting our Saturday classes! Starting this week, Saturday, July 11th, we are launching a digital, weekly live...


Leap of Joy has not only provided a life-long skill to our young students but has developed a very strong working relationship with them.
Veronica Villarreal

Site Coordinator, Harris Elementary

Leap of Joy is an outstanding partner.  The instructors are well trained and the curriculum is developmentally appropriate and engaging.  Leap of Joy staff go the extra mile in providing a high quality fine arts experience for our youth.
John Shanks

Project Director, ACE Austin, Austin Independent School District

I love Leap of Joy because they became my 2nd family.  Thanks to them I don’t feel alone sometimes.  Thank you so much!!!!!!


Thank you so much for your devotion and consistency with our after-school students.  Students who were not expected to have interest in dance and musical theater have requested admittance to the classes and have shown continued participation with positive attitudes.
Joel Delatorre

Site Coordinator, Hart Elementary

My girls are my permanent foster children that without this program would be still struggling with ways to effectively express themselves and gain self-esteem that had been lost due to extreme post-traumatic stress, being abused and neglected.  The girls have flourished and really enjoyed these classes.
Ramona Conner

Foster Parent

Leap of Joy has provided an opportunity for our daughter to grow, learn and develop skills for life. It is safe, fun and engaging on many levels and provides the space for children to come together, learn a new art, make friends and grow with a community of learning.  We couldn’t be more grateful.
Christina Culverhouse


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Andy Roddick Foundation

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Our organization Leap of Joy, a 501(c)3 nonprofit since 2010 offers dance and theater arts after school and summer camp enrichment programs to at-risk youth in underserved schools in Austin, TX.  Since 2010, our program has been funded through grants from AISD, City of Austin, Texas Commission on The Arts, Target, A Glimmer of Hope, fundraising and private donations.  Leap of Joy is moving to give at-risk youth empowerment and self-acceptance through dance and performance arts. 

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