Tomorrow marks the beginning of 2020’s Amplify Austin Day! Leap of Joy is once more involved in this program and we’re thrilled to be a part of it! It’s such a wonderful event that helps bring attention to giving back to the community–something we at Leap of Joy work toward every day of our lives!

We aim here at LOJ to empower children through the mediums of dance, movement, theatre, and the arts. Every week, our talented gang of trailblazers visit schools in this community to teach children, often children who would otherwise never have an opportunity to do so. Our program remains in tact largely through donations, especially through events like I Live Here I Give Here, which touches so many more people than our little organization ever could on its own!

Why donate during Amplify Austin Day?

Taking five minutes to donate during Amplify Austin Day will give you a chance to be part of a huge movement of giving throughout Central Texas! Not only will you be directly helping local charities stay afloat, but you will also be contributing to a little piece of Texas history!

Don’t forget–Tito’s is donating an extra $5 toward every donation that uses the hashtag “#LoveTitos” during checkout. This is a great way to increase your donation with little effort!

We’re excited to participate in Amplify Austin Day 2020 alongside I Live Here I Give Here and other nonprofits across Central Texas. Generosity fuels our community and enables us to work toward producing a great Care to Dance recital in May. By making a gift of any size, you can help us supply costumes and offer scholarships for both dance classes and summer camps to less-fortunate children.

Early giving is open now, so you can get a jump start on giving and make a gift of any size at Every gift counts, and, together, you all can help keep Central Texas the vibrant place we love to live, work, and dance.

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Other Ways to Participate

Want to help but can’t donate? There are other ways to give back! Share this or any of our posts on your social media! Tag us, @LeapofJoy, and link to our profile at! Did you receive our newsletter? You can forward it on to others…every little bit of exposure helps our cause, and we love you for it!

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