Caps and Mittens Online Auction

Leap of Joy celebrates another Caps and Mittens Fundraising event!!
Thank you to all the generous businesses and artists who have donated goods and services.

We hope you find some great items to bid on or buy right away with the Buy It Now option.

Thank you for helping to keep us leaping!

If you prefer not to participate in the auction but would like to donate to our donation drive, here are some suggested amounts:

$35 Will buy a total gift bag that will include a Leap of Joy Hoodie, Cap, Mittens, Scarf, Socks, a small gift and a treat

$30 Will buy a Leap of Joy Hoodie, Cap, Mittens and Scarf

$25 Everything but the Leap of Joy Hoodie

$20 Leap of Joy Hoodie

$18 Cap, Mittens, Scarf & Socks

$15 Cap, Mittens & Socks

Any donation amount smaller or greater than those listed above will be greatly appreciated!

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